Cheney Watch Update 2

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 11:00 AM

In the wake of the  B. Obama landslide, my main concern is Dick Cheney, the unscrupulous CEO of the current Administration. My concern is that the historical record of the past eight years, specifically the hijacking of the Executive Branch of the USG by the so-called "neocons". This hijacking began pre-9/11 and was finalized by 9/11. Remember that when G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney took over Washington at the beginning of 2001, Ariel Sharon was in charge of Israel, and the American "neocons" surrounding Cheney were little more than Likud surrogates, which in reality is what they always were and what they remain to this day. 

As I wrote several weeks ago, on September 22nd, "The key to everything is Dick Cheney... G.W. Bush was a spokesperson, a front man.... If we could figure out from these documents [Cheney's working papers] what was going on behind the scenes, we would know where all the bodies are buried." 

The election of Obama for POTUS 44 is a massive vote of rejection and revulsion against Bush-Cheney due to the war(s) and the economy. Not for vindictive reasons, but for the sake of the country and honesty, the workings of Bush-Cheney Administration should be thoroughly reviewed. To do this, the records of its CEO have got to be safeguarded--not so much as evidence in a prosecution, but in order that historians can try to figure out what the hell has been going on. Is Obama in a position to do this? It seems doubtful. 

Why? Because the hijacking of America under Cheney-Bush was enabled by the Democratic leadership in Congress and by the Democratic establishment in Washington. For example, the rush to invade Iraq was greased by Joe Biden's hearings in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the run-up to the war. In these hearings, Biden accepted all the phony and mendacious premises proffered by the "neocons" to go to war.

For another, the October 11th, 2002 decision to vote "yes" for the invasion of Iraq was sanctioned by the Democrat leaders in the Senate and House largely to curry favor with the so-called "Israel Lobby" as part and parcel of the Democratic midterm election campaign of November 2002. One reason Bush could not be impeached over any issue related to the Iraq invasion and occupation was that impeaching Bush would amount to an indictment of the Democratic Party, and would go right to the heart of unmasking the real reasons for the war.