The Impeachment of G.W. Bush

Friday, June 13, 2008 10:13 AM

The articles for the impeachment of G.W. Bush have been buried by the Democratic leadership in Congress in the House Judiciary Committee. It doesn't fit into the Democrats' 2008 campaign strategy for retaking the White House from the Republicans. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi proclaimed months ago that

"impeachment is off the table".  In fine, it is petty partisan politics as usual in Washington. As an afterthought, may I suggest that Congressman Dennis Kucinich's 35-count bill of impeachment for Bush and his previous bill of impeachment for Cheney be rushed into print as a mass paperback book. The charges against the co-Presidency of Cheney and Bush deserve to be widely publicized and examined. 

In this regard, here's something I wrote in the November 9th, 2007 article "The 9/11 Atrocity and Pearl Harbor"....

"...Cheney and Bush Jr. ought to be impeached for malfeasance, war crimes, and lying to Congress. The Cheney Regency deserves to be thoroughly investigated. If the U.S. Constitution meant anything and if we were living in more rational times, Cheney and Bush would have been impeached months ago, or at least limited to one term in office by the voters. I speak as someone who voted for Bush-Cheney in 2000 in the vain hope of reversing the lies and hypocrisy of the Clinton years. 

"A major impediment to an impeachment of Cheney and Bush Jr. is the fact that there are simply not enough elected officials left on Capitol Hill with clean enough hands to carry out an impeachment process. It is that simple. The accusers would be almost as guilty as those under impeachment; defenders of Cheney and Bush Jr. would be quick to point out the shared guilt or blame, for example, with respect to the war in Iraq, and they would be correct. The situation is not the blind leading the blind. No one is blind. Everyone has been corrupted and stupefied by power, campaign contributions, and by the lobbies in Washington--most emphatically, by the “Israel Lobby” which mandated the Iraq war. Yet no one is held accountable for anything. This makes impeachment superannuated and no longer an option."