Peres rejects Gaza UN Report

Thursday, October 22, 2009 11:06 AM

Shimon Peres is the ninth Polish or Russian Jew who has held the position "President of Israel".  In that capacity, like his predecessors, he has lorded over the native Arab inhabitants of Palestine. (The first president was the Russian Chaim Weizmann, a wheeler-dealer and visionary who procured the Balfour Declaration from a desperate British War Cabinet in 1917 as recompense for delivering, with the assistance of Louis Brandeis, Woodrow Wilson into the Great War.)

Below, Peres spouts the predictable Zionist party line of lies and distortions to the effect that the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza which started on December 27th, 2008 was self-defense and a fight for peace by Israel. He probably believes it. In the same way that PM Ehud Olmert, another Polish import, may have believed his declaration of June 23rd, 2006: "The Israeli Army is the most decent and restrained army in the world."

In point of fact, "Operation Cast Lead"--the bombardment of Gaza--is just the latest (albeit most extreme) example of the occupying power terrorizing near-defenseless Palestinian refugees, who have been forced from their homeland in Palestine to take up residence, in this case, in the giant concentration camp and free-fire killing zone called Gaza.  

Other Palestinians have been scattered far and wide to refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Syria and on the West Bank itself, in the wake of the ethnic cleansing war of 1948 and the territorial aggrandizement war of 1967. Their descendants  remain in the camps to this day, while Jews from Brooklyn, Moscow and Europe sip CocaCola in the sidewalk cafes of Tel Aviv.

Of course, Peres can't recognize the recent atrocities in Gaza for what they are, because that would explode and expose the bizarre parallel universe of Zionism, to which he has devoted his entire adult life. He can't admit to himself that his career has been one gigantic confidence trick. How could he do that, with so many enthusiastic acolytes in America and Europe cheering him on? So Peres keeps prevaricating and propagandizing. The parade must continue. It is only natural. He's the "good cop" while Likud plays the part of the "bad cop".

I detect a definite similarity between the agitprop of this Zionist notable and the cracked-brain mentality of Soviet and European Communists in days of yore, who have since been relegated to the ash-heap of history. The outlook of both is Orwellian, totally creepy, and beyond all reason. Taking into account the fact that the White House and Capitol Hill have been "Israeli occupied territory" for some time now, the average American has become a party to this insanity, along with most of Europe, especially Berlin officialdom. We stand still for it. Nay, we wholeheartedly support and pander to it.

When I say "we", this assumes that the White House and Capitol Hill represent the American people, which assumption under the circumstances is something of a stretch. But we are still complicit anyway, due to our ignorance and inaction. As for the Germans and the rest of Europe, my impression is that they just want to be left alone in peace. Who can blame them? It is tiresome to try to deal with people who are beyond all logic and reason, and who are living their own private ego trip, and speaking utter nonsense. Such were the  Communists in their heyday. And such are Zionists like Peres today.


Israel's Peres rejects U.N. Gaza report

From Paula Hancocks //CNN // October 20, 2009

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- Israeli President Shimon Peres rejected a United Nations report on his country's incursion into Gaza as "one-sided" and "unfair" in an interview with CNN.

The U.N. Council for Human Rights last week approved the report, which accuses both Israel and the Palestinian movement Hamas of "actions amounting to war crimes, possibly crimes against humanity" during the three-week offensive which ended in January.

Peres insisted that Israel had a right to defend itself, and said the United Nations was in danger of "supporting the terrorists instead of supporting the fight against terrorists."

"If you can't fight terrorists, then ... nobody is defending us. We never asked any other people to fight instead of us, but the right of self-defense is non-negotiable," Peres said during Monday's interview. "I think we have shown courage in war and we have shown devotion in peace and we shall continue to struggle for peace," he said.

Israel said its offensive in Gaza, which it called Operation Cast Lead, was designed to stop Palestinians from firing rockets and mortars into Israel from Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas.

There is an ongoing dispute about the number of people killed in Operation Cast Lead. The Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights put the death toll at 1,419 and said 1,167 of those were "non-combatants." The Israeli military released its own figures earlier this year, saying that 1,166 people were killed, 60 percent of whom were "terror operatives."

Peres also warned that the international community must maintain its focus on keeping Iran from developing nuclear weapons. "At the beginning the purpose of the negotiation was to prevent a nuclear bomb," he said. "I am afraid that now people are moving from prevention to inspection. It's not the same, particularly when it comes to Iran," he said.

Israel prefers peaceful means to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, Peres said, but he left open the door to a military attack. "I think if it can be settled by peaceful means -- by sanctions or on other ways to impress the Iranians -- better than a war. I don't think that we have to announce all the options ahead of time," he said.

He remained typically evasive about whether Israel has nuclear weapons. Many experts believe it does. Peres said that suited Israel. "We are aware that Israel is being suspected that we have nuclear bombs. I answer this with a smile," he said. "If we are suspected, that's enough. If suspicion can serve as a deterrent, that is our purpose."

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