Merkel gives Tel Aviv another U-Boat

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 1:34 AM

Who is threatening whom? After "several years" of "pushing" by Tel Aviv, Berlin has decided to provide Israel with yet another advanced U-boat which will be outfitted with nuclear weapons.  Oh, and Germany will largely pay for it, too. These U-boats  seem to be the one thing which Tel Aviv cannot get from Washington, because Germany makes them better, at least in this size. 

Are you wondering what is in this for Germany? Berlin's relationship with Tel Aviv is based upon extortion. The Germans believe they are buying peace and quiet. If they refused to go along, they could be accused of harboring "anti-semitism". In this regard, Chancellor Angel Merkel is no different than her predecessors. Any accusation or even suggestion from Tel Aviv about German “anti-semitism” could be very bad for German business. It is the ultimate extortion card. 

Tel Aviv alone has a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East. Thanks to Berlin and Washington, Tel Aviv also has the capability to deliver atomic bombs anywhere in the region. So who is actually threatening whom in the great game of the Middle East? For starters, the Zionists are threatening Germany, if they do not get what they want. No need to make threats against the U.S. It is obviously already a client-state.


Report: Israel to get 6th submarine from Germany

Germany has granted Israel's request to provide it with a six Dolphin submarines said to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons, Der Spiegel reported. Berlin had granted the request after several years during which Israel has been pushing for the deal.

According to the report, German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak in Israel last week. He promised  that the deal will be completed with the transfer of 135 million euros to finance the vessels.  

Dolphin submarines are manufactured in the city of Kiel in Germany. Experts estimate they are have the longest cruising range of all submarines. Some reports claim they are also able to carry and launch nuclear weapons.

Germany has been providing Israel with these types of submarines since the end of the 1990s. The first two were given as a token of appreciation for Jerusalem's restraint during the First Gulf War and in an effort to boost Israel's strategic abilities. The remaining three were funded by Germany at a third of their cost.

Foreign reports suggest that the German subs serve as Israel's "second strike" power and aim to retain its nuclear capabilities, even in cases of an attack on the country. This supposedly serves to deter Iran or any future enemy which has the ability to destroy Israel.

According to reports, each submarine carries electronic intelligence equipment and several dozen soldiers. It was previously reported that Israeli submarines are stationed in the Persian Gulf near Iran.