Please Don't Let "Friends" Get Nuked

Sunday, October 21, 2012 1:09 AM

Driving down the I-95 corridor yesterday, I came across this charming billboard planted at the affluent condo-and-mall community of Aventura in north Miami. [Friends don’t let friends get Nuked. Stop Obama!] It is part of the bizarre 2012 campaign for the White House. It indicates where America has arrived at intellectually at this point in time. It tells you about the disturbed status of the lone surviving superpower. The layers of misconception run deep among the populace. The billboard demonstrates that the brainwash is near total.

Just a few comments:

(a) First of all, please be advised that Israel is not a friend of the U.S. It is simply using the U.S. to advance its own agenda. That should be self-evident. This has been going on non-stop since 1948. The exploitation has accelerated exponentially since 1967. Friendship has nothing to do with it. It is a user/controlling relationship. 

(b) The U.S. is not a friend of Israel, either. The relationship is not between the U.S and Israel at all, and is not based upon amity. The relationship is between American politicians and the Israel Lobby. It's business. Both sides want something from the other. The alliance is based upon corruption, intimidation and bribery. Israel and its U.S. Lobby get what they want; in return, suborned and/or intimidated American politicians get advanced in Congress, the Senate and into the White House. 

(c) The premise of the billboard is laughable. Israel cannot get nuked by Iran because Iran has no nukes to nuke Israel, and Iran has no nuclear-weapons program underway to develop such weapons in the near or distant future. The intelligence community of the U.S.G. knows this, and has so informed the White House. In short, what Obama and Bush Jr. and America's me-too mainstream media have told us concerning a nuclear threat from Iran is a deliberate fabrication. The Big Lie.

(d) Indeed, just the opposite is true. Israel has hundreds of nukes, whose development was largely made possible by thievery from the U.S.A. That's the way this "friendship" works. Moreover, Israel has the means to deliver these nukes. It can nuke Iran, thanks to Washington and Berlin. The latter has provided Tel Aviv with advanced German U-boats which Tel Aviv has outfitted with cruise missiles and atomic warheads. Washington politicians have graciously provided Tel Aviv with everything else. This is a scandal. No one talks about it. 

(e) The hysterical and delusional characters who produced the billboard should get down on their knees and thank Obama, even kiss his backside. Although Barack Obama and Bibi Netanyahu may detest one another, nonetheless due to political necessity/dependency, Obama has turned over everything plus the farm to Tel Aviv. He and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have done everything humanly possible to satisfy and pander to these folks in return for campaign contributions and votes. Mitt Romney and the Republicans have climbed into the same boat. Again, it is a political necessity. Therefore, the big lies keep coming.

--Copyright 2012 Patrick Foy--