"Was it the Oil, all along?" Revisited...

Friday, October 10, 2014

I came across an item I wrote about Iraq in 2007. It now seems strangely relevant, at least retrospectively. I do not recall writing "Was it the Oil, all along?"  To be honest, I do not think I can write like that today. The edge is off. Or I have gotten complacent.

Of course, in geopolitical terms, a lot has happened since 2007. One thing is certain. The original plan was for the US to remain in Iraq indefinitely, I mean for decades. Otherwise, why would Washington build a billion dollar embassy, the biggest in the whole wide world? And all those huge air force bases out in the desert... Madness.

Somehow, the plan got aborted by events. It looks to me like Washington was simply asked to leave by the elected government in Baghdad, and the White House had little choice but to pack up and go. I think Bush Jr. agreed to this in principle just prior to leaving office. By that time, Dick Cheney had lost all credibility. Mr. Peace Prize, Mr. Hope and Change, followed through. It seemed reasonable. It was reasonable. The Iraqis would not grant US troops immunity from prosecution; and that is what Washington required. 

It is difficult to maintain a military occupation of a large country when the natives don't want you there...especially when they possess a plethora of guns and ammo and are nationalistic as well as religious fanatics. Washington needed immunity so that when American troops and mercenaries shot back and made inevitable mistakes, they would not be thrown into Iraqi prisons, subject to Iraqi courts. The situation became untenable and too expensive. Americans wanted out, realizing that the bizarre adventure was all some kind of horrible mistake, which it was.

The US never should have been there in the first place. You can blame the US Israel Lobby, which owns the US Congress and the White House, for this supposedly mindless intervention. It all goes back to the occupation of Palestine. In order to maintain their unjust position, the Zionists needed the world to be constantly distracted from this major crime. As part of the distraction, they needed Uncle Sam to destroy whatever was out there in the Arab world that might get in the way of the Zionists' grand design. That is what has been happening. That is why Iraq was invaded. You see, the intervention was not mindless. 

Now it has blown up in our face. All the hoped-for benefits to the US from Iraq's immense oil reserves have been lost. However, the benefits for Israel remain. Chaos is good. Iraq has been wrecked and will stay wrecked for decades. That was the plan, the secret agenda. Syria and Iran are part of the same agenda. When you have time, read "Was it the Oil, all along". There is much information in it which I had forgotten. Some of the links may have gone cold.