Douglas Macgregor: U.S. War with Russia Over Ukraine is Living in "Land of the Stupids" - YouTube

Friday, January 21, 2022 7:14 PM

The principle of evil consists in messing into other peoples’ affairs.—Ezra Pound

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Perhaps you are as bored as I am by the subject of Ukraine. Well, I am really bored, but also enraged. This is yet another phony, manufactured crisis...ginned up by Washington in the manner of “Operation Iraqi Freedom”, an earlier confidence trick foisted on America and the world. 

Putin is not our enemy. Russia is not a danger to America or Europe. Putin is reasonable and wants to cooperate. The Kremlin desires an economic alliance with Europe. 

Why is our Potemkin Village POTUS and his Secretary of State, Blind Man Blinken, putting the American public through this madness? 

Of course, they are not alone. They have plenty of support. There is a nest of Neocon Russophobes and assorted busybodies embedded in the State Department and on Capitol Hill

This is irresponsibility taken to extremes. What’s behind it? What’s the motivation? Ignorance is a factor, but that does not directly explain motive. 

My guess is that Putin is being targeted by Washington officialdom primarily for his rescue of Syria from the tender mercy of Sunni crazies who had been unleashed upon Syria by Washington and Tel Aviv, in conjunction with Saudi Arabia, some years back.

It was an unexpected, bold and brave move by Putin, part of his larger war against terrorism on Russia itself. In addition, he was protecting the Russian naval base in Syria. Thirdly, it was simply the logical thing to do, if one was serious about fighting Jihadism

Putin was assisted in Syria by Iran and its general Qassem Soleimani, whom Trump later assassinated in a joint Washington-Tel Aviv drone hit at the Baghdad airport. 

The idea of Regime Change has not surfaced in the media, but that is what the White House is attempting. It wants to replace Putin with a pliable and weak Russian leader. Ukraine is an excuse, a pawn. Putin has just been too successful in resurrecting Russia.

The idea is to get Putin to make a military move that will trigger economic sanctions and put an end to Russia’s gas pipeline into Germany. Washington is just itching to go crazy with sanctions.

Is this the madman theory all over again? But in this case, the madmen may not be pretending. 

Here’s a video from last month of Tucker Carlson and Colonel Douglas Macgregor addressing the matter. Macgregor was just on the other night, going over the same ground.   

BTW, has anyone stopped to ask where Papa Joe Biden gets the authority to commit publicly to military action against Russia without consulting the U.S. Congress?