China’s UK embassy stokes Argentina claim over Falkland Islands | South China Morning Post

Wednesday, February 9, 2022 10:30 PM

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Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

It looks like China is becoming proactive in pointing out Western hypocrisy around the globe. Here Beijing sides with Argentina on Falkland islands sovereignty. (See below.) Yes, I realize there is the matter of Tibet, but that’s for another time.

Any unbiased observer would have to side with Argentina on this issue, based on the historical record. However, the blockheads in London remain entrenched in their “Rule Britannia” mindset, no matter how absurd.

London points to referendums on the island favoring British rule. But of course those voting are people whom London has put there as part of its colonial program. 

The fact that Argentina itself is a basket case is beside the point. I was talking with a Columbian industrialist last night who stated that Argentina was the only country to his knowledge which had gone from the greatest per capita income in the world to a 3rd world country with one of the lowest. I don’t know the time frame on this.

Something similar could be said about England, having gone from the largest empire the world had ever seen to “Little England” a presumptuous non-entity in world affairs, trying to keep a toehold in northern Ireland. 

At least democratic Athens in its expansionist, imperialist heyday was not hypocritical when dealing with its fellow Greeks. Athens was finally defeated by Sparta, which has had a bad press. Sparta was the only city-state that could stand up to Athens.

No entity in history has exceeded “democratic” England in its hypocrisy in foreign affairs. The British Empire had some good points, to be sure. But the blockheads in Whitehall just could not come down to earth when reality demanded it. 

In so doing, the blockheads in charge in London destroyed the British Empire in two self-destructive world wars which they deliberately dragged America into, using their corrupt, foolish counterparts in Washington.

Now, London retains little outposts like the Falklands of no value or consequence and is “furious” that Argentina wants them back. In the meantime, Washington ignores the Monroe Doctrine and sides with the ridiculous Brits.


China’s UK embassy stokes Argentina claim over Falkland Islands

Beijing’s view on sovereignty of the islands has ‘been consistent’ says mission, reiterating Xi Jinping’s support for Buenos Aires’ claims The Chinese president and his Argentinian counterpart drew a furious reaction from London when they jointly called for the islands to be restored

Falkland Islanders celebrate the result of a referendum in 2013, which overwhelmingly supported remaining British, despite Argentina’s sovereignty claims. Photo: AFP

China has stepped up pressure on Britain over the Falklands, insisting London respond to Argentina’s latest demand that it relinquish control of the islands, known as Las Malvinas in Spanish.

The Chinese embassy in Britain reiterated Beijing’s stance on Tuesday, a day after a furious response from London to a joint statement from President Xi Jinping and his Argentinian counterpart Alberto Fernandez which called for Argentina to be given “the full exercise of sovereignty” over the islands.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said “we completely reject any questions over sovereignty of the Falklands”.

A statement from the embassy said China’s position on the issue of the Malvinas Islands had been consistent.

“We firmly support Argentina’s legitimate claim to full sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands. China has always advocated that territorial disputes between countries should be resolved through peaceful negotiations in accordance with the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,” it said.

“We hope that the UK will respond positively to Argentina’s request, start dialogue and negotiations as soon as possible, and find a peaceful, just and lasting solution in accordance with relevant UN resolutions.”

Xi and Fernandez raised the Falklands issue after talks in Beijing on the weekend, stirring simmering tensions between China and Britain, over the diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics as well as the Aukus deal to help Australia acquire nuclear submarines.

Beijing has also rejected London’s criticism of its handling of Hong Kong affairs, which it regards as an internal matter.

Beijing has previously condemned Britain’s “colonial mindset” in relation to the Falklands, which voted overwhelmingly in a 2013 referendum to remain a British overseas territory.

Speaking at a session on decolonisation last June, China’s deputy permanent representative to the UN Geng Shuang called for all forms of colonialism to end. At the same session, Argentina tried to initiate negotiations with Britain over the islands’ sovereignty.

“Today in the 21st century, the days when Western colonialists had free rein are long gone,” Geng said, adding that “colonial thinking, power politics and bullying” continued to manifest in international relations.

“[They] have a serious impact on global order, and severely undermine the sovereignty, security and development rights of the countries concerned, as well as their political, economic, and social stability.”

Argentina – which says it inherited the islands from the Spanish crown in 1767 – has never relinquished its claim. An invasion of the islands in 1982 was defeated by a British task force.

Wang Yiwei, a professor in European studies at Renmin University in Beijing, said Argentina and China had established a new consensus with the Argentinian president’s attendance at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.

Wang said the two countries had also signed memorandums of understanding underpinning their willingness to work together, and acknowledging their mutual support on sovereignty issues.

“China’s stance towards the issue of the Falklands has always remained the same since the time of Mao,” he said.

“As these issues have still not been solved now, China will maintain its usual stance and moreover, Argentina supports China on Taiwan issues too.”

Wang said that, apart from issuing statements, China appeared ready to support Argentina’s claims in the United Nations.