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Thursday, March 10, 2022 1:02 AM

Men easily believe what they want to.—Caesar

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Whom do you believe? Whose judgement do you trust?

The almost-always irritating Tom Friedman informs us in the NY Times that, “Putin has no way out” and “I am terrified.” He is referring to the projected removal of Vladimir Putin from power in the Kremlin and as a consequence “...disorderly Russia could fracture…with all those nuclear warheads, cybercriminals and oil and gas wells lying around.”

It’s called, regime change, Tom. Heard of it? We’ve seen it before...in Iraq and Libya, and attempted in Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. A lot of folks got killed or otherwise hurt. Collateral damage is to be expected. And the U.S. taxpayer picks up the bill. What do you think is going on here?

Victoria Nuland and Blind Man Blinken and the whole Washington gang of Neocons/Neoliberals are in their glory. It’s part of the “creative destruction” process—the essential Neocon playbook which helps explains the wrecking of the aforementioned Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan.

A friend asked via email, with triple exclamation points, why do you not condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine? I replied that it is too late now...condemning a war that was repeatedly and deliberately provoked by Washington is too easy. It will not help the people on the ground in Ukraine or the soldiers fighting on each side. Not now. The horse is down the road.

If anyone thinks that Papa Joe Biden, Blind Man Blinken and the Horrible Ms. Nuland honestly tried to stop Putin from taking military action against Ukraine in the run-up to this war, I have a good-sized bridge in New York, running from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which I want to sell to that person.

At the moment, the White House is in its glory, having wrapped itself in the flag of the innocent bystander, fighting an evil madman who woke up one morning and decided, out of the blue, to invade Ukraine. That’s the official, accepted cartoon narrative in Washington and in the mainstream media.

Few may recall that this same alleged madman was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize not too long ago (2014) for having persuaded Syrian President Assad to destroy Syria’s stockpile of bio weapons. President Obama failed to reciprocate by persuading PM Netanyahu to destroy Israel’s own stockpile of bio weapons, not to mention its considerable nuclear arsenal.

But wait. Perhaps Tom Friedman is getting ahead of himself. Perhaps there will not be regime change in the Kremlin after all. I have no idea. It is all so confusing. 

But retired Indian diplomat M. K. Bhadrakumar seems to think that Biden-Blinken-Nuland has blown it. See his report below. For a change of pace.



Zelensky rubbishes Biden’s war on Russia

 by M.K. Bhadrakumar, Indian Punchline
Happy hour: US President Biden meets with Ukraine President  Zelensky in the Oval Office 

What was the need for all that happened in the period since mid-December when Russia transmitted to Washington its demands for security guarantee? This question will haunt US president Joe Biden long after he retires from public life. The foreign policy legacy of his presidency and the reputation of this much-vaunted 80-year old politician with a half-century’s record in public life, much of it supposedly in he domain of American foreign policy are in tatters — irreparable. 

News has appeared that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has conceded that he willing to concede to the Russian demand that his country will not seek to become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation! The announcement came in an interview with the ABC News where he revealed that he is no longer pressing for Ukraine’s Nato membership! 

In fact, Zelensky lets the cat out of the bag by casually adding, “I have cooled down regarding this question a long time ago after we understood that… Nato is not prepared to accept Ukraine.”  

Zelensky explains why: “The alliance is afraid of controversial things, and confrontation with Russia.” 

This comes after his earlier revelation that he is “open to compromise” on the sovereignty of the two breakaway republics of  Lugansk and Donetsk in the eastern Donbass region and on the status of Crimea. 

The ABC News reportedly telecast the interview on Monday night Eastern Time. Since then, the duo in the Biden team who piloted the Ukraine strategy, those apocalyptic “sanctions from hell” and the demonisation of Vladimir Putin through the recent months — Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland — are nowhere to be seen. 

That duo of East European descent in the driving seat — Blinken driving and Nuland by his side navigating him — ought to offer and explanation for all this charade playing out, which is virtually demolishing the American prestige as a superpower. 

Questions are galore. Principally, if it is so easy to work out a compromise over Russia’s legitimate security demands, especially regarding Ukraine’s Nato membership and the alliance’s further expansion, why was Biden so very stubborn in his refusal to even discuss it, given the urgency of the matter? 

Can it be that Biden was acting smart to create a fait accompli for Moscow by formalising Ukraine’s membership at the forthcoming Nato summit on June 29-30 in Madrid?

What’s the need to destabilise the European economies and rock the world oil market at a  juncture when most economies are entering on a path of post-pandemic economic recovery? 

What explains this unnatural obsession on the part of Biden over Ukraine’s regime? 

Why such visceral hatred on Biden’s part toward Russia, something unworthy of an 80-year old world statesman?

Why is it that the economic war against Russia has become such a very personal affair for Biden, as his White House speech in Tuesday shows

But such an ignominious end to this entire episode over Ukraine’s Nato membership was entirely to be anticipated. Fundamentally, this is an existential issue for Russia. Whereas, Biden, Blinken and Nuland are dilettantes sitting 10000 kms away indulging in old neocon pastimes of interfering in other countries’ internal affairs, threatening them, disciplining them or punishing them for defying America’s diktat. 

Even after Zelensky spoke, what has been Biden’s reaction? He scheduled a speech to announce that the US shall no longer import oil from Russia. Shouldn’t he have heaved a sigh of relief that this war in Ukraine is petering out?

Instead, he resorted to this strange toothless measure to impress the  American audience that he is still on a winning streak promoting democracy in faraway lands. Isn’t such gimmick an insult to the gullible American public? 

Biden took this new step after Europeans told him plainly that they are not interested in such a move against Russia, given their heavy reliance on Russian oil. 

Second, Biden doesn’t seem to know or has pretended otherwise that America is actually shooting at its own feet. For, Russian prices are highly competitive and American companies will now have to pay much more to source heavy grade oil suitable for their refineries. 

Biden already swallowed his pride and sent a team of officials to Venezuela, a country under crippling US sanctions, to beg for oil from President Nicolas Maduro (who was on CIA hit list not too long ago for being a socialist) to replace Russian oil. 

Maduro sent them back suggesting a broader mutually beneficial relationship between Venezuela and America. All this drama took place in broad daylight witnessed by the entire Western Hemisphere. Wouldn’t they be laughing that America’s president is a man of straw? 

Biden claims he is making sure that Putin won’t have money for his “war machine” if America stops buying oil from Russia. This is laughable, bordering on a lie. 

The US was purchasing about 12% of Russia’s total oil exports. Alright, that’s a decent figure. But, it isn’t as if Russia won’t have any other buyers in a world market where oil price has soared to $130 per barrel (thanks to Biden’s “sanctions from hell” against Russia)? 

Surely, any number of potential buyers would queue up if Russia were to offer competitive prices (as it had been doing for the US companies) to divert the extra stocks due to Biden’s boycott. 

At any rate, Biden can’t be unaware that Russia’s current budget is balanced on the belief that oil prices would be around $40-45 per barrel. With the current level of oil price, Russia is actually making a fortune! And the funny part is, it is a gift from Biden’s sanctions! 

Fundamentally, the problem today is that the American elite are delusional. While the rest of the world knows that in a multipolar world, the US’ capacity to force its will on other countries is inexorably in decline, the American elite shut their eyes to that reality. The present ridiculous situation happened only due to this arrogance and self-deception.   

The strategic defeat that Washington has suffered will dent the US prestige worldwide, weaken its transatlantic leadership, unravel its Indo-Pacific strategy and accelerate the drain of American influence in the 21st century. Biden presidency will carry this heavy cross.