How to End the War in Ukraine with Scott Ritter - YouTube

Friday, April 29, 2022 12:26 PM

The masses should be directed without them being aware of it.—Napoleon

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Scott Ritter revisited (See link below.) He was the UN weapons’ inspector in 2002 who resigned in protest when the Cheney White House refused to face the reality that Iraq possessed no WMD’s. 

The fact that Iraq had destroyed its WMD’s years before negated the whole premise, the brazen cover story, being gaslighted as justification for the U.S. led, Dick Cheney-inspired invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Start at 22:40 on the YouTube video. Warning: obscene language in parts, where Ritter quotes the CIA station chief at the UN. Ritter, a former Marine, is remarkably articulate and fearless.

He was immediately put on the Cheney-Bush-Neocon hit list, for throwing a monkey-wrench into their all-purpose, fake narrative. The CIA and FBI were ordered to go to work. 

Perhaps you recall how honest CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson was marked for similar destruction by the de facto President, Dick Cheney, simply for telling the truth. 

She was betrayed and trashed by her own government, specifically by Cheney’s chief of staff intriguer, Scooter Libby. They made a movie about it, Fair Game.

Now, Ritter is unmasking the Biden White House's insane policy which has led to the present Russo-Ukraine war. It is actually a U.S. war on Russia, utilizing Ukraine as the pawn and cut-out. 

The man nominally in charge of the project is POTUS Joe Biden. At the time of the Iraq war, Joe Biden was chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee and very much full of himself.

There is a clip of Biden, back then, acting in his sub rosa capacity as spear carrier for the Israel Lobby, ridiculing Ritter at a Senate hearing.  The lesson: do not get in the way of a U.S. foreign policy freight train when it has left the station. 

You will simply be run over in short order and without mercy. Watch the clip within the video. Biden is arrogant, bullying, entitled, insinuating and generally obnoxious. He is in his glory.

Hillary Clinton was a junior member of the same Senate committee and voted for the Iraq invasion like Biden. Both pretended to believe the concocted WMD story. Ritter states in this interview that Biden for certain knew it was a lie.

In short, you can’t believe anything Biden says, especially now when it comes to his reckless and cynical Ukraine policy. He’s just a total fraud. Watch the video. This begs the question, what is behind it all? Who is in charge?