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Saturday, April 9, 2022 1:00 AM

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Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Do you get the feeling that we are being punked—lied to—about the war in Ukraine? I do. 

I’m not just talking about the run-up to the war, when Joe Biden & Associates proclaimed repeatedly, as if to convince themselves, that a Russian invasion would be both unprovoked and unjustified—when in fact it was brought about by U.S. foreign policy initiatives going back decades. And then, finally, the process was accelerated by Biden & Associates in the past few months.

Now with the conflict well underway, the bemused American public has been subjected to non-stop atrocity propaganda, dished up by the American mainstream media. This unprecedented coverage mentions Kremlin denials of the atrocities, if at all, only in passing. And Russia's side of the story is belittled or ignored, except by Reuters. There is only Volodymyr Zelensky’s doleful narrative, swallowed whole without a second thought or investigation. 

Atrocity wartime propaganda is nothing new. The Brits were the masters of it, the Great War being an outstanding example. London fabricated tales about German barbarism in Belgium and France in 1914…German soldiers cutting off the hands of Belgium children…amputating the breasts of Belgium women…crucifying Canadian soldiers, etc. 

The aim of the British War Cabinet was to drag Washington into the European conflict where Washington was already financing one side (England) but had no business becoming an outright belligerent. 

In this case the goal is what, exactly? To justify a proxy war that Washington is waging against the Kremlin, in which war Ukraine and NATO are cut-outs. The ultimate goal is to effect regime change in Russia. 

Now that President Papa Joe has proclaimed Vlad Putin to be a war criminal and frozen Russian assets under U.S. control, I don’t see how Washington can have routine diplomatic relations with Moscow. In effect, the U.S. has declared war on Russia. 

And I’m not sure how ex-comedian Zelensky can ever sign a peace agreement with Putin to end the carnage. He is a front-man for Washington and is surrounded by Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, so-called “neo-Nazis”, to whom he is beholden. 

Zelensky would be shot as a traitor if he signed such an agreement. He would certainly be dropped by Washington. 

Who will shoot him? The same characters who are fabricating Russian atrocities—by that I mean those Ukrainian “neo-Nazis” committing the atrocities for the purpose of blaming it on Russia. 

I am referring specifically to the dead bodies in Bucha and yesterday to that train station in eastern Ukraine where scores of fleeing refugees were killed by a rocket. The Kramatorsk station massacre begs the question: "Why would Russia attack its own pro-Russian city?"

It makes little sense for the Russian military to carry out blatant war crimes against civilians en plein air, for all to see. The Kremlin has demanded a UN Security Council investigation to no avail. I strongly suspect that these were false flag operations, similar to what Sunni Jihadists did in Syria

The poison gas attacks in Syria were instantly blamed on Syria’s President Bashar Hafez al-Assad because Assad was on Washington’s and Tel Aviv’s hit list. In Ukraine, the purpose is to further demonize Putin and Russia. The pattern is similar; the perpetrators are different.

Herewith below, an informative item on the internet by an anonymous Russian blogger with some good questions about Bucha and some likely answers. Scott Ritter—the U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer who tried to warn Washington in the run-up to its 2003 invasion of Iraq that Iraq had, in fact, already destroyed all its WMD’s—figures prominently. 


So Bucha Bodies Were Real?

Posted on April 7, 2022 by Yalensis

Dear Readers,

In my Day #40 post I made fun of the Bucha “fake atrocity” and compared it to Michael Jackson’s Zombie Thriller dance. Relying on that phone video in which one of the “dead bodies” clearly seems to sit up after the car has passed by on the street. I assure my readers I never would have joked about, or found humor in, an atrocity if I thought for one second there were actually dead people involved.

Well, now I feel a little bit bad, because it seems those bodies were actually real. An analyst whom I respect (Scott Ritter) said the massacre actually happened. But he believes those people were shot by the Ukrainians (Azov and SBU), not by the Russians. (I still can’t explain that phone video, though, unless it was just some internet fake…)

Anyhow, I saw this piece this morning, the reporter is Dmitry Zubarev. I can’t find the English-language original of Scott’s webinar that it alludes to. Scott has been censored from Twitter and youtube and most of Westie media. 

There is this RT piece by Scott in English, which people can read, but it’s not the same content as the one in the VZGLIAD. Hence, I will have to translate into English from the Russian, which was translated into Russian from Scott’s original English.

I therefore stipulate, that my English translation of Scott’s words will not necessarily coincide exactly with Scott’s original words, in fact the odds are zero that it will, got that?

Scott Ritter’s webinar, which I can’t find:

Ritter explains his theory of what happened: The Russian troops occupied the town of Bucha for a few days. The local residents probably thought they were here to stay, so they weren’t afraid to talk to the Russian soldiers and even barter with them for food. The local residents gave the soldiers fresh foods like eggs, milk, and cheese. In return the Russians gave them dry foods like grain, sugar, and their own dry rations.

The people who came to barter with the Russians, would wear white armbands as a signal that they were not a threat to the soldiers. [Unfortunately, somebody in the town was taking notice and probably making a list.]

Then the Russians eventually left, as per the Russian strategic plan to withdraw from the Kiev area. A couple of days went by, then Azov and the Ukrainian security police (SBU) returned to the town. On April 1 the SBU announced that they were carrying out a “cleansing” of the town, even though the Russians had already been gone for a couple of days. They announced that regular citizens should stay inside their homes while they cleansed the town of “collaborationists”. They told people: “Don’t panic. Stay in your homes, the National Police are conducting a cleansing.”

Ritter points out that the Ukrainian authorities have announced openly, since the very beginning of the war, that they would regard anybody, who had any dealings with the Russians other than trying to shoot them, as collaborationists.

Ritter posits that the Ukrainian police knocked on the doors of houses of people whom they believed had collaborated with the Russians. They took them out onto the street and shot them. There is one video in which an Azov guy boasts about “going on safari”, in fact this special police unit which conducted this raid, went by the call sign Safari. Except in a regular safari people go out to hunt animals. In this safari they were hunting people.

Ritter points out that most of the dead bodies on the Bucha streets were wearing white armbands. Alongside each body the shooters placed a green “military rations” box. Just like a serial killer leaves his calling card, this would be their signal to show that the dead person was a collaborator who had exchanged fresh food for a Russian ration box.

In some cases, according to Ritter, the dead body does not wear a white armband. In these cases, their hands were tied behind their backs.

The Ukrainians claim that the bodies had been lying there for several days (they would have to be, if it was the Russians who shot them). But a Mexican journalist who happened to arrive there on that same day (April 1) when the Ukrainians made the announcement, noticed that there was fresh blood around some of the bodies. He concluded that the people had been shot very recently, most likely that same day.

Yalensis: The Ukrainians themselves didn’t even realize what a “goldmine” they had on their hands. It’s quite normal for the Azov Nazis to commit random atrocities and then blame the Russians. Maybe even they were surprised how this cheesy provocation achieved such resonance all over the Western world.

Westies just went apeshit over it, and started baying for Russian blood. Only goes to show what a bunch of sheep in the West… no critical thinking skills left at all, not even one brain cell left among the whole lot of them.

Anyhow, I do feel bad now that I joked about this earlier, when I just jumped to the conclusion that it was a cheesy hoax. I feel really bad for the families of these people who were murdered in cold blood by the Ukrainian Nazis. Eventually the truth will come out, it always does.