[UPDATE]How to End the War in Ukraine with Scott Ritter - YouTube

Saturday, April 30, 2022 12:00 AM

Sorry, I got confused and over my skis. I gave you some incorrect info. 

Scott Ritter resigned in the late 1990s when Bill Clinton was President, not Bush II. Later in 2000 when Bush II was elected and Dick Cheney became CEO of the Bush Administration, the Neoconized White House used the existing fake narrative of Iraq’s WMD’s as cover to fast-track the invasion of Iraq. 

Ritter came back into the picture, and tried to stop the war he knew was based on lies. He was fully vindicated in 2005 when the CIA reported that there were no WMD’s left in Iraq at the time of the American-led 2003 invasion. Ritter had been saying that all along. Both Clinton and Bush II lied. And so, of course, did Joe Biden.