Palestine Update: THE PLAN TO WIPE OUT HAMAS - Seymour Hersh

Saturday, October 14, 2023 8:26 PM

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Here’s the basic problem. The Tel Aviv-Washington axis labeled Hamas a terrorist organization from the start, even as it was promoting and funding Hamas in opposition to Arafat's PLO. Hamas won a democratic election, beating the PLO in 2006. So much for promoting “democracy” in Palestine. The election was ignored and democracy abandoned.

With Hamas tagged as a terrorist organization and by following  hard-line, “no exit” policies which insured that Hamas would turn to terror, the T-W axis eliminated all negotiations, any settlement. That is where we are today. The T-W axis is now opting for physical annihilation of Hamas to solve the problem it created. 

The Arab civilians in Gaza will be relocated to yet another refugee camp in the desert, American bunker-busting bombs will kill most if not all of Hamas fighters, and Israel will go back to life as “normal” while it works on the project to ethnically cleanse the West Bank of Arabs.  

Under this scenario, Egypt and Jordan will be the dumping grounds for the demonized Palestinians. That is the broad outline of the plan as I see it, which will be underwritten by American taxpayers and by tax-deductible donations from the United States. The latter is, to all intents and purposes, a client state of Israel. 

Here's Seymour Hersh’s latest report. 



As refugees crowd the border with Egypt, Israel prepares to hit Gaza City with US-supplied bunker busters