UN Chief Urges Immediate Halt by Both Sides in Israel-Hamas War - Bloomberg

Wednesday, October 25, 2023 9:33 PM

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

OMG. An agent of the thought police, the Ambassador of Israel to the UN, denounces the UN Secretary General for stating the obvious and demands his resignation forthwith. 

Such a blatant deviation from the received-version of events must have come as a shock. Sock-puppet leaders of the U.S., England, the EU, France and Germany have unanimously green-lighted a massacre of the civilian population in Gaza, enabled by unlimited U.S-supplied bombs. What could be more endearing and appropriate?

Seeing what amounted to a prison break on October 7th “in context” and not taking place “in a vacuum” is the last thing Israel can tolerate. The attack must be viewed as coming from out of the blue, for no reason, and certainly without provocation. Any alternative narrative, any departure from that script, however slight, is deemed an outrage, unacceptable, insane and anti-Semitic. 

And so are calls for a ceasefire, a pause in the massacre. Washington will have none of it. Tel Aviv is accustomed to shooting fish in a barrel in both Gaza and on the West Bank. It has been doing so for decades. It can’t stop now.

And neither can its cheer-leading peanut gallery in Washington. There will be no fundamental change in policy. The show must go on. The charade continues, with the whole wide world along for the ride no matter the consequences, the carnage, the cost.  



Turkey’s president: “Hamas is not a terror organization; it is an organization of liberation, of mujahedeen who fight to protect their land and citizens,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told lawmakers Wednesday, according to the New York Times, which stressed “these comments go directly against fellow NATO nations including the United States.”

Irish Member of Parliament Richard Boyd Barrett. 

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Richard Boyd Barrett reads the riot act.

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