Netanyahoo back in the saddle...

Friday, February 17, 2023 10:39 PM

Klaatu barada nikto.The Day the Earth Stood Still

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the newly-empowered Netanyahoo coalition government is having a field day while Washington and NATO are preoccupied with their cynical, do-or-die proxy war in Ukraine against Russia. 

You may recall Antony Blind Man Blinken’s recent visit to Tel-Aviv, during which he paid the usual Washington lip-service to the “two-state” solution. That option, if it every existed and was not a canard from the very start of the so-called “peace process”, has been tossed into the trash-can by Tel-Aviv a long time ago. 

The Zionist conquest of Palestine has been a fait accompli for several decades at least. The U.S. Secretary of State, Blind Man Blinken, cannot be so blind or unaware not to know that fact. His visit was simply a charade, an act, a joke.

When you think of all the crocodile tears wept by American “liberals” and “progressives” over the plight of the Ukrainians—Blinken and Biden instantly come to mind—you gotta wonder why that same concern has not been evident for the Arabs of Palestine whose entire country has been taken from them by fanatic interlopers. 

The answer is, of course, is outsized hypocrisy and opportunism infused with cash dividends. 

These same “liberals” and “progressives”—both Gentile and Jewish—have been enthusiastically enabling the neocolonial enterprise of Zionism for many decades while turning a blind eye to its wholesale transgressions. 

As for the unspeakable and moronic “Neoconservative” Republicans—for example, Senators Cotton, Rubio, Cruz, and the goofy Nikki Haley, etc—they have come late to the party and are playing catch-up. 

This racket was initiated by the Democrats, specifically by Harry Truman and Clark Clifford in 1948, when they threw Middle East experts at the State and Defense Departments under the bus in exchange for votes and campaign contributions. 

Nowadays, members of both political parties, in sum the entire Washington establishment, are biting at the bit to take part in this international racket. Some U.S. presidential contenders even commence their unofficial campaigns in Israel to make certain everyone gets the message.

Take a look at the two recent leaders of the Democrats and Republicans: Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump. Nancy hates The Donald with a passion that knows no bounds, and The Donald in turn holds Nancy in utter contempt. Fine, no problem. 

And yet on one issue, they are in full concurrence. Their lovefest for all things which advance the perceived Israel-first agenda…even when it might be detrimental to the United States, not to mention to the world at large. 

The Donald gave the farm away to his sidekick, Netanyahoo, and would undoubtedly do so again if he landed back in the White House. As for Nancy: let her speak for herself: 

No doubt about it, we are well along into the ex-America era.