Evidence Of Biden Burisma Corruption Is Overwhelming...

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 8:16 PM

Good morning judge, what may be my fine?—Furry Lewis

Dear Friends + Interlocutors,

I’ve seen enough to convince me that Papa Joe Biden is guilty of wholesale corruption in his official capacity as Vice President under Barrack Obama. The cover-up has been in place at least since the time it was discovered that his druged-out, sleaze-ball son Hunter had forgotten to pick up his Apple laptop from that computer repair shop in Delaware. This was during the closing days of the 2020 Presidential campaign.

Unsurprisingly, Joe has been lying about his involvement in Hunter’s overseas schemes. The question now is, so what? I don’t believe a sitting POTUS can be indicted for crimes while in office. This may be the prime reason JB is running for reelection, to avoid prosecution and to enjoy other perks as a figurehead. 

Certainly Biden’s Department of Justice is not going to bring this matter before a grand jury in the meantime. Indeed, the DOJ and the leadership of the FBI have been assisting JB in quashing this entire affair. As a practical matter, the FBI has deep-sixed the laptop. 

At the same time, the DOJ and other Democrat entities have been furiously piling on indictments of Donald Trump who, you may remember, got impeached for simply asking the President of Ukraine to look into the matter of Joe and Hunter’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine. How dare he!

Frankly, I’m not even aware if influence peddling is a federal crime. That’s how ignorant I am of the law. After all, isn’t influence peddling what goes on routinely and non-stop in Washington? It’s a lifestyle. It is certainly corrupt, dishonest and sleazy, but is it actually a crime?  

Please note that the Despicable Democrats have no bench to replace Biden. All they have is Papa Joe. In the other corner, all the Republicans have is Donald Trump, the former Prez, now under several indictments thanks to Papa Joe’s DOJ. It is going to be a bumpy flight…