Hillary's Peace Offensive

Wednesday, June 20, 2007 5:34 AM

Hillary Clinton has finally joined forces with Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia! Hillary wants to do it over...take another vote about invading Iraq. Can you believe it? Yes, indeed.  After almost 5 years and after all the gross, unnecessary damage which has been done to America and to Iraq. Thank you Hillary, and all those Democratic Senators who enabled Wolfowitz’s War! You are beautiful. Hillary and the Democratic leadership in Congress in October 2002 knew what they were doing then; and they know what they are doing now. They were playing politics then--surprise! surprise!--and they are playing politics now--surprise! surprise!

If Hillary is so smart and such a leader, why didn’t she join Senator Byrd back when it counted, and vote against handing Cheney & Bush a blank check to wage war in the Middle East? It was Senator Robert Byrd, alone in the Senate, who rose to nobility in trying to hold back the mindless and dishonest rush to war based on preposterous lies and fear-mongering.

True, Senator Robert Graham of Florida, Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, voted not to authorize, but Graham did not go to the mat like Byrd did. Byrd defied everybody and filibustered to stop the war vote. His filibuster attempt was overruled, and Byrd could do no more. You might think that Graham’s view as head of the Intelligence Committee would raise a red flag as to the legitimacy of the intelligence upon which the war was launched, at least among the press. Right?! No, you would be dead wrong!

It was politics first and foremost for our suborned leaders in the White House and on Capitol Hill. The orchestrators of this war were calling the tune, and triangulating Hillary danced to it like so many others. But now she is busy remaking herself over as the peace candidate. What a phony!

You see, it all makes sense. Today, it is a different story. Iraq as a viable nation-state has been destroyed, wrecked. The various religious and ethnic factions there are tearing the country apart and killing each other--as well as the Americans caught in the crossfire. This was all well foreseen by the experts, but not by Bush or Hillary, of course. As life-long politicians, all they saw was the immediate political pay-off in terms of votes and campaign contributions in 2002 and 2004.

But now, in 2007, with Iraq in ruins, the private agenda to invade and occupy  Iraq has been achieved. At the same time, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps are in extremis. The orchestrators cannot fault Hillary now for leading a charge to the exits. After all, the deed has been done. The Washington crowd is fixated upon the next project: Iran. There, Hillary is on board, naturally, as are all the usual suspects in both parties. Meaning, most all the establishment leaders, just like in October 2002. You figure it out.

--Copyright 2007 Patrick Foy--