Minox Classic Spy Camera

Below is a slideshow and then a gallery of photos taken in the 1980s and 90s with the classic Minox Spy Camera, made at Wetzlar, Germany. This was a solid, handy, light camera which could be carried anywhere and was available in an instant. I attached it to a long black cord worn around the neck, with the black aluminum camera dropped into a shirt or jacket pocket. The negative size was 8 by 11 millimeters; by comparison, the image of 35 mm cameras in standard full frame is 24 mm by 36 mm. The Minox negative is less than one-quarter the size. Since the lens and Minox film are outstanding, it was possible to get fine images.

I no longer use the camera. (In fact, I can’t find it.) The cost of the film and the development is unreasonable. One can get an image just as good by using the  digital camera on the iPhone, with no film or development costs. I would expect the Minox camera and film to go the way of Polaroid. In 2008 at Photokina, the bi-annual photo fair in Köln, Germany, Minox announced a digital model of the Spy Camera.

The wooden sculptures are in the Scuola di San Rocco in Venice. M2,02 stands for Mach 2,02. The Doberman is Radar. The pet cemetery is located on the grounds of the Beau-Rivage hotel in Lausanne. The racetrack is Hialeah, now closed.